Ok, not ALL trades. Some?

While I have many interests, a big one started in 2008 when I picked up my first Virginia wine map. In the years that followed, I thought it would be cool to visit every winery in the state. In 2014, in an effort to keep track of everything I’d done and help others, I started my first blog. I rather consistently blogged for two years about Virginia wine and tourism. Then I became pregnant and it turns out that pregnancy and wine blogging don’t go hand in hand. Who knew? I had grand plans of hoarding information and posts in the months leading up to me getting pregnant in order to schedule them throughout the pregnancy. The reality was that I was tired, had a shift in priorities, and didn’t really feel like writing about wine when I couldn’t have any.

Our son was born in October 2015 and I immediately started poppin bottles, right? Not really. I did visit a few new wineries before returning to work, but that was about it. Similar to when I was pregnant, there was a shift in priorities… like sleep. Obviously it’s been a hot minute since he was born, but I’ve been thinking for a few months about how my life has changed. While many still ask for winery suggestions, I wanted something that captured the other aspects of my life. 

It took some time to pick the name Jules of All Trades, and it’s certainly not because I know it all. However, we all have a variety of skills and interests that can be shared. Growing up, I did everything from Tae Kwon Do and Irish Step dancing, to photography and lacrosse. Now I like cooking, but please don’t put me in charge of dessert. I can plan your whole wedding weekend, but am also a true introvert who is happy at home. I’ll also shoot guns with you and go to a winery (of course in that super responsible order). I went from working full-time right out of college, to surprising even myself working part-time once I had a baby.

Whether it’s an easy weeknight recipe, a new bottle of wine, or just learning someone out there can also be a hot mess, I hope Jules of all Trades can capture all the fun of a mom’s life in Virginia.

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