Brunch + PJs

We were busier than normal this past week, so don’t go thinking we actually do stuff all the time. John and I started our Wednesday with our normal babytime at the library. While every other kid was enjoying the songs and story, he wanted to play with the box in the corner. Apparently that’s frowned upon. On Thursday, we went to another library for a music class. Luckily it was only 30 minutes, because little attention spans are only so long. It got to be sort of disaster towards the end, and I have to say they seemed a little ambitious expecting kids under 2 to play triangles. More power to them I guess. John wasted no time climbing on the keyboard and large drum. musictime

We had some friends come over for a play date on Saturday. The first hour consisted of John staring and wondering why another child was touching his toys. He seemed to warm up just in time for lunch and naptime.

img_7674Sunday was the Super Bowl, but more importantly it was Pajama Brunch!! There are few things better than eating brunch in your pajamas. But one thing better is that you get giftcards worth the total of your bill. Mon Ami Gabi holds the PJ Brunch twice a year on New Years Day and once more in February. The second use to be near Valentine’s Day, but has recently moved to Super Bowl Sunday. John is seasoned veteran, and has already attended three. He looked more excited in the time leading up to the picture. Not pictured: My polka dot pajama pants.

Oh yeah, and congrats to the Patriots I guess. Glad I could witness Super Bowl OT history.

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