Indoor Kids Activities


It’s early February in the DC area, which means that it could either be 55 degrees or snowing. If it’s the latter, you may be running out of ideas for the ankle biters.


At Home

If there is snow, or if you just don’t feel like driving, here are a few ideas to delay the insanity:

  • Pillow or sheet forts- Luckily my kid is still on the younger side, so he is perfectly happy playing with couch cushions on the floor
  • Baking and decorating cookies
  • Setup a picnic inside- Make sure to include a large blanket for easy cleanup
  • Toy or book stockpile- This is easier since my son is under 2, but in general I rotate his toys. About once a month, I will rotate a few of his toys and books to keep things more interesting. If you have older children who would catch on pretty quickly, you could keep a stash of toys and books you’ve picked up throughout the year
  • Coloring- If you don’t have any coloring books handy, you can print individual sheets. I got some free from the library, but Disney also has options you can print at home
  • Scavenger Hunt- Create your own hunt with a list of items you can find at home


Out of the House

Congratulations, you finally managed to wrangle everyone in the car! If the temperature is still unbearable, try some of these:

  • Library Programs- My county has tons of free programs for all age ranges. We’ve been going for the better part of a year, even when the weather is nice. While they are free, I do have to sign up in advance due to space restrictions
  • Indoor playgrounds/gyms- There are a variety of options depending on your location, but there’s Monkey Joe’s, Little Gym, Kid Junction, and Luv2Play. Little Gym offers a free trial if you’re hesitant
  • Museums- Living around DC provides plenty of museums, but there are options outside of the city too. We often go to National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center after the free parking starts. Since we’re working with short attention spans and legs, it’s just enough time to run around before they close for the day. There’s also the Children’s Science Center, which is best for children over 2.
  • Chick-fil-A Playground- I guess you could try to find a McDonald’s that still has a playground, but really why bother when there’s Chick-fil-A?
  • Bowling- If your kids are old enough, hit the lanes!

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