Laters, Baby

We went to our normal library program on Wednesday, but the week was a little slow after that once I started coming down with something. Not to mention that the weather was a little bipolar here, fluctuating from snow, rain, and a thirty degree difference. We went on walks both days this weekend, and ended both with some playground time for John. He already had a girl chasing him.

swing playground








We tried a new playground in Reston. Someone should tell them about Pluto.


On Saturday night I went to Alamo Drafthouse to see Fifty Shades Darker for my friend’s birthday. The only issue with this is that I never read any of the books, nor see the first movie. I watched YouTube clips before I went, so I basically knew how they met and how it ended. Side note, I’m not really sure why Ana was so surprised and left in the first one. I think she needs to up her Google game. The movie won’t be winning any awards, but that’s not why everyone goes now is it? I meant to take some pictures of the group, food, or something. But I was running a little late and then eating a burger in a dark theater presented its own challenges. Hope everyone has a great week! Laters, baby.

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