Weekend of Firsts

It was a big weekend! I visited my sister and her new baby, which also meant my first night away from my (not really) baby. Add to that the warmer weather plus a holiday weekend, and it was great.

seph_webOn Friday I drove to my sister’s place about two hours away to visit her new family. She and her husband had their first baby exactly a week prior. I went to help out, so that also meant I left the little dude at home. Chasing a toddler everywhere excluding naptime, doesn’t exactly leave free hands. I got in some baby snuggles so that they could rest, but besides that I don’t feel like I did that much. My sister seems to be recovering from delivery far better than I remember doing, and they were already getting into their new family groove. I also provided crucial snuggles for the four-legged babies. Apparently one enjoyed me more than the other. #creepercat



img_7791Somehow I already forgot how tiny they are. I also forgot I was no longer dealing with a boy. I let slip man, dude, and bud just in the two days I was there. I tried to take some very amateur newborn pictures while I was there. Let’s just say there was a lot of editing involved and I can probably knock that off the list of jobs when I grow up.

I came home Saturday night, and the dude time seemed to go well. John came running towards me at first, but then changed his mind once he figured out I would take him inside. The kid loves the outdoors. Steve’s mom came into town shortly after I did, so John got to see her before bed. After church on Sunday we had to enjoy the weather. You may have already noticed that walks ending with playgrounds are kind of the usual around here.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as this kid. Balloon + Outdoors = Happy Toddler. Happy President’s Day!





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