Cousin Time

music-class_webWe went to two classes at the library this past week, but Thursday was a Gymboree music class. There was an Irish theme to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, so I got to hear a few songs and remember my dancing days.

On Friday, Mother Nature pulled a fast one and left a dusting of snow. John didn’t care and brought me his coat before 7 AM. The kid loves the outdoors. We went to Costco in the morning, which also brought our first public tantrum. I mean, it was over Cello Whisps, so I sort of get it. But man, it was a scene. His love of outdoors is only second to his love of food.


The majority of the weekend was spent with my sister, niece, and a variety of visitors. John met his cousin for the first time and did surprisingly well. We’re still working on him being gentle, so I was a bit concerned about how he would act. But he really seemed to be interested in the baby and liked pointing to her different body parts as you named them.


Luckily we only had one time that he got a little intense, but this was a gentle one. He just liked pointing to her hair. It was a good sister and cousin weekend!


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