Royal Flush

polar bear_webDoesn’t your weekend start on Wednesday? I mentioned in my About section that I work part-time, but I never really elaborated. I go into the office on Mondays and Tuesdays, and I’m home with the dude the rest of the time. My schedule is basically the reverse of most people. This is also why I start my week/weekend recap posts by talking about Wednesdays. I didn’t want you to think that I forgot about the ever popular Monday and Tuesday.

So as we usually do, we went to Babytime on Wednesday at the library. The name is a little misleading since we do songs, a story, musical instruments, and playtime. There are very few babies who attend, but John is reaching the age cutoff in a couple months. I figure I can only lie for so long before I need to find another activity. On Thursday we went to another library for a music class (I like free), and it was another Irish theme like last week. John really liked the stuffed leprechaun that was just his size, but seemed to be indifferent to everything else.


We were having pretty good weather, but Friday was the start of multiple days of cold and bad weather. I thought I had a genius idea of taking John to the opening of Cabela’s in Gainesville, but it was pretty much a fail. I thought he would enjoy the wildlife displays, aquarium, and walking around a new place. He was more interested in touching all of the fishing rods that were on display at the perfect height. We were about ten minutes late for the giveaway, spent double the time driving as we did in the store, and had to go out in the rain/snow. Boo. At least he got to see an antelope??


Steve and I actually made it out of the house Saturday night for his company’s annual poker night. I missed the last one due to that whole baby thing, but they are really stepping up their game since they keep needing more and more space. I was extremely far from winning, but had a good time. I have a memory dump each year about how to play and what beats what. I did win a few hands, but it was 98% luck and 2% strategy.


The D.C. area is calling for snow this week, so brace yourself! We were enjoying the 70s in February, so naturally we should have a winter weather advisory for mid-March. I feel like it could still go either way, but good luck if you’re trying to do normal grocery shopping today!

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