Whole Fam Damily

holding hands_webWe finally got back into the library routine this week! It hadn’t been scheduled in a few weeks. The one time it was, I ended up canceling because John was gross. My sister came to visit this week, and got to my place Wednesday after seeing some friends. John has started holding other kids’ hands with marginal success. It’s typically older girls, but his cousin didn’t have much choice.

The weather on Thursday was absolutely miserable, but for some reason we decided to venture out. We went out for lunch and John tried Vietnamese food for the first time. He wasn’t into the peanut dipping sauce, which is odd considering the quantity of peanut butter that kid can destroy. We dodged the sheets of rain for a quick Target run, and then went home for the day to dry off.

On Friday my mom came to the house to hang out with her two grandbabies. I got crazy and went to the grocery store by myself (eek!), but other than that we stayed around the house. On Saturday, we took the kids to Frying Pan Farm Park. There were some animal rotations since my last visit, but obviously John still had a great time being in the fresh air. My dad came over for dinner on Saturday, and it was nice enough to eat outside.


After church on Sunday, we went to a friend’s for brunch. Not only did John tolerate the bunny ears for a hot minute, but he got to play with a pretty cool kitchen. In case you didn’t know, it’s officially Spring.  Steve had to mow the lawn for the first time Sunday afternoon, so there’s no turning back now!


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