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Here Comes Peter Cottontail

We made a relatively last-minute decision to stay in town this weekend. So Saturday morning we went to the Broadlands Truck and Pony show. This was our first touch-a-truck type of event. He loves watching the trash trucks at home every week, so I honestly thought John would like it more. He seemed rather indifferent to everything, but at least he wasn’t crying.



Steve wanted to go to his favorite “Chicago place” (aka Windy City Red Hots) for lunch, but the Ashburn location was is still closed for the winter. We went to Chick-fil-A instead, and John got his first kid’s meal all to himself. That meant french fries, a juice box, and sharing ice cream with Dad. All in all, a pretty good day to be a kid.

ice cream_web

On Sunday we went to church, and John got his Easter basket. It was a step up from last year when he got spoons, teethers, and baby oatmeal.



Beware of the flying bunnies this week!


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