Burgers & Mexican

We had a relaxing start to the weekend, and looking back I didn’t take any pictures. The rain shifted our plans with friends, so we had extra time Saturday morning. We started with omelets and putting in a movie. John actually sat through about 40 minutes before needing to run around. He was extra antsy Saturday since the weather kept him from his usual outdoor adventures. We met our friends that afternoon for drinks at Lost Rhino Brewery and later dinner.

ladiessssSunday morning we worked the nursery at church. I always find it hilarious since John is the only kid I really spend time around. I have definitely found that I spend more time with the boys in the group playing with trucks.

John finally got his outside time after lunch, so all was right with the world again. We rarely eat out, but this weekend called for twice in two days. We met friends for Mexican Sunday night to say adios to ones who are moving. At the end of dinner, after some enchilada-fueled confidence, John tried to go in for the kill. So far he’s had better luck with the older ladies.


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