John at 18 Months


Time is flying and John turned 18 months last week. We just had his doctor appointment yesterday, and he’s been putting all that eating to good use. For the majority of his appointments, he’s hung out around the 50th percentile for most things. However, he grew 2.5 inches in the past three months, and that boosted him up to 85th percentile in height. Although he feels a little more solid to me, he’s only 27 pounds.

For the first time ever, he had a major freak out at the doctor. Even when he gets shots, he may only cry for minute. Back in the day when he could get shots in his thunder thighs, he didn’t even make a peep. Today, we didn’t even get in the exam room before he saw a nurse and lost it. The appointment was only downhill after that.

John started walking a little after 10 months, so at this point he’s running and climbing all over the place. If he could just eat and be outside all day, I don’t think he could get happier. He says mama, does a few signs, and sort of says cheese, teeth, and ball. The only real issue we’re working on is getting him to express his hangriness and frustration. The go-to method is currently pinching, which is getting quite old. Luckily, it has just been at home and not towards other kids. Overall though, he is a pretty happy kid despite the picture. You just have to make sure he gets sunshine and fresh air.

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