Hot in Herre

On Wednesday, I took John to his 18 month appointment. You can read about how that went here. We killed some time outside before storytime at the library later that morning. I’m not sure if it was the weather or what, but it was hotmesscity in there. It was far too crowded and half of the kids were going bananas.


John and I did a little shopping on Thursday. We finished just before lunch, so we grabbed some Chick-fil-A and went to visit Oma at work. We had a playdate Friday morning that was a spinoff of a moms group I attended a year ago. It was a dudes club that day, and for one of the first times John threw a fit when he had to share. By Friday afternoon I had had enough of the heat, and turned on the AC. Well, I tried to turn on the AC. Steve did a couple things to try and fix it over the weekend, but didn’t make much progress. Honestly it had quite the impact on the rest of my weekend, and I’m just glad it will be cooling down in the next couple of days.


We did a little lawn work Saturday morning before it got too hot. It’s about time the short one starts pulling his weight around here. We attempted to go to a Kids Festival at the Dulles Town Center Saturday, but it was so hot and crowded that we gave up after a few minutes. We got in a family walk Sunday, so we were at least a little more productive.

Happy Monday and let’s hope for some cooler days!

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