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John’s Promotion

We haven’t told him yet, but John has a big promotion coming up. It’s equal pay, but more responsibilities. A good ol’ do more with less type of deal. An opportunity to excel if you will. On the upside, he will get the corner office.


John will be promoted to Big Brother this fall! There’s a few day swing on the due date, but the doctor is sticking with October 29th. And yes, that means the kids will be almost exactly two years apart. Oy Vey. We do plan on finding out the gender, but it will be in June.

I’m currently 15 weeks, and overall things are going well. I was nauseous for about a month, but helped it along with ice water and peanut butter. I found out I was pregnant right when I was writing my 2 month Keto recap. So not only is peanut butter delicious, but that’s also what I had in the house. I started showing much earlier than I anticipated, and started contemplating maternity clothes over a month ago. With my first pregnancy I remember wearing my regular pants well into summer.

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