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Rain, Rain, Go Away

We went to our regular storytime at the library Wednesday. John has really taken to placing objects inside others. This is encouraged by his love of trashcans, and it’s typically items that don’t actually belong in the trash. On a positive note, he helped cleanup the carpet squares and place them in their box. On the downside, I had to fish one of the toys out of the trash at the library.


We were going to have our AC fixed Thursday, but it rained all day. So not only could it not be fixed, but we were trapped inside as well. Friday didn’t look super cheery, but we were able to get outside in the morning. Luckily, the AC guys started their outside work about an hour before the rain started. We were going to have a cookout for my husband’s birthday, but postponed it a few days beforehand. Instead we spent time relaxing and I did a lot of cooking.

John oddly slept in all week. I’m not complaining, but my first thought was hoping he wasn’t trying to drop his nap. This mama can’t handle that with baby #2 on the way (announcement here). On Sunday, he slept until 9:00 and he is normally up by 6:30 or 7:00. Great news for Mother’s Day, but I was already up at my normal time to pee and couldn’t go back to sleep (#pregnancyproblems). We went to a later church service than normal, spent the day relaxing, and went out to dinner with my mom. I tried to get a picture with both babies while we still looked decent.



I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day, as I know it isn’t easy for everyone. If you’ve lost your mother, I hope you were able to remember the good times. If you’re waiting to become a mother, you’re already prepared in ways you don’t know and you’ll be awesome when it happens. And hey, for all those who decided not to be mothers, congratulations on being self-aware and dealing with everyone’s probing questions.

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