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16 Week Bumpdate

In my pregnancy announcement,  I mentioned that the kids will be exactly two years apart. It sunk in after my first ultrasound just how close they will be.



Sleep- I’ve slept pretty well so far. I do have to wake up for a bathroom break, but am usually able to fall back asleep quickly. I have started to feel the shift in weight though, so I think the pregnancy pillow will be making an appearance soon. Honestly my allergies have been causing more issues with my sleep than the pregnancy.

The Bump- Over the last two weeks it has seriously gotten out of control. I feel like it has been two months instead of two weeks with the way it’s sticking out.

16 week bump

Pictures- Hopefully my picture quality can improve over the next few months. But considering these were taken with an iPhone timer, stacked on books, and a toddler running around, they are pretty decent. I’m pretty sure I’ve already taken more pictures this pregnancy than I did all of my first. With my first, I felt like I was in that awkward “is she pregnant or just fat?” phase for so long. I think I looked pregnant and felt good for less than two months, and then I was just a waddling mess. While I still don’t have the best relationship with my body, pregnant or not, I feel that I look rather obviously pregnant at this point. If not, humor me. Besides, I would rather take the pictures than not have them at all.

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