You had me at ‘Gravy Boat of Icing’

I had a doctor appointment early Friday morning, but as soon as that was over we went to a playdate. I tried to find a park a little halfway, but turns out it was just a playground in a neighborhood.


Once you’ve been playing in the heat, you obviously need to cool down. Chick-fil-A gave us some AC, juice, and ice cream. John doesn’t really care what happens as long as you share your juice.



The three of us went to Morven Park in Leesburg on Saturday for a change in scenery. We followed that with lunch at one of Steve’s favorite places, Windy City Red Hots (aka “the Chicago place”).



On Sunday I was able to have a kid-free meal with some girlfriends I use to work with. We met at Ted’s Bulletin, and they have a cinnamon roll “as big as ya head” on the weekends. I didn’t get to try any of the cinnamon roll itself, but I was convinced it needed to be ordered when the waitress said it came with its own gravy boat of icing.


As I wrote this, I realized I ate out a lot more than I usual do. Whoopsie. However, it was great to get out of the house and spend time with everyone.

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