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Memorial Day Road Trippin’

Blogging was on a bit of a hold the past week, as I spent a super long weekend with traveling to see family. My mom, John, and I started the trek to North Carolina last Thursday. We picked up my sister and her baby along the way, so I had the unfortunate job of riding B for multiple hours. Luckily my sister picked up a car down there, so my butt had more space on the way back.

It was great to make it to my grandmother’s and stretch my legs. John also enjoyed running around, but was not a happy camper come bed time. He actually ended up sleeping in the big bed for about half the time, but eventually realized he could get out of it and walk around. John’s favorite activity over the week though, was hugging and kissing his cousin.



John thoroughly enjoyed running around Maw Maw’s property and embracing his full toddler boy potential. He tasted some North Carolina dirt, scraped a knee, and threw lots of rocks. We took the babies to the community breakfast at the church and spent lots of front porch bonding time.


At my Aunt’s house, we enjoyed more family time and spent two mornings in the pool. John warmed up to the dogs very quickly and enjoyed chasing them around the house a little too much. I think the two of them were happy to see the noisy toddler leave.



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