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Top 10 Things I Have Learned Since Becoming A Parent


10. Ability To Tune Out Noise

Before I was a parent I was acutely aware of children in public making noise and shouting for their parent 27 times in a row.  I didn’t understand why the parent just wasn’t answering. Now, I get that as a parent you’re in a perpetual state of noise and learn to have selective hearing.

9. Getting Nothing Done Around The House

You’re home all day, why do you still have a to-do list? Because literally nap time is the only time I get things done. And at that point you just want to sit down for a hot second. At this point, I can successfully vacuum while he’s awake without being terribly interrupted. I can only hope it gets better with time.

8. Everything Is A Phase (I Hope)

Everything seems hard while you’re going through it, but it’s just a phase. It could be a really long phase, but it eventually does come to an end. For a lot of new parents this involves two hour wake ups with a newborn. For us, I kept myself and son dairy-free for the better part of a year. Months 12-16 were hard for me personally. We were heading into toddlerhood of wanting to do everything, but being able to communicate nothing. I thought the pinching and biting would never end, but it eventually did.

7. You’ll Ask Questions You Never Thought You Would

What’s in your mouth? Are you eating a rock? Are you pooping? These are things I never had to utter two years ago. Now it’s just part of the every day.

6. Never Trust Silence

You long for a moment of precious silence. But then you realize it’s too silent. Nothing good can come from this. Luckily to date, my biggest incident has only involved a toddler elbow-deep in vaseline.

5. Let Them Play

There will come a day when your child learns to play on their own. It makes you proud, happy, and just a little bit sad. You want to engage with them, ask what they’re doing, and get involved. Don’t! You’ll just be sucked in. Let them play for a few minutes by themselves. Maybe you can get something done you didn’t accomplish in #9.

4. You Can Only Control So Much

Similar to #10, I use to give the side-eye to parents with kids throwing tantrums. No longer. You can grit your teeth, threaten, or bribe, but you can only control so much. We recently had an all out fit in a parking lot because I had the audacity to hold his hand near cars.

3. Talk More, Be Heard Less

Do you love talking to yourself? Repeating the same thing 14 times? Sounds like you’re ready for parenthood! You can talk all day about what to do, what not to do, and talking through your actions so they learn. Them actually listening is a whole other ball game.

2. How Well You Truly Function On Little Sleep

I seem to function decently on minimal sleep. That doesn’t really seem like something to brag about, until now! Sometimes you’ll do something in a sleep deprived state, but in the end you might amaze yourself on just how well you can do with little sleep.

1. Crazy Love

I’ve never been much for feelings or mushy stuff, but when you see that baby your whole world changes. You love them so much, and you only just met them. I’ve started to succumb to all the feels.

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