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The Past Two Weeks

We had a relaxing July 4th weekend, being back at home and trying some new pools in our community. We tried one with a pretty awesome kiddie pool that was just as big as the regular one.


It was good to be back at home, because last week we got back from the midwest and taking John on his first flight. He was actually great on the way there. He woke up super early for some reason, so he fell asleep about two minutes after takeoff. We landed in Chicago, made a quick stop to see Steve’s grandmother, get him some Italian Beef, and then we hit the road for Iowa. John made a beeline for the piano as soon as we got to Steve’s other grandparent’s house.

We tried to get John out of the house some each day, so on our first full day in Iowa we went to the John Deere Pavilion. Oddly enough, this was back in Illinois. It was a great free time, especially for a little boy who likes trucks and lawn mowers.





On our second day, we went to Vander Veer Botanical Park. It wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the large machines, but luckily there was also a playground to wear John out. We even got a rare, full-family picture with just a little bit of Dutch windmill in the background.


Back in Chicago, we went to church with Steve’s grandmother. John did great in the nursery and approved of the snacks after service and their playground. Unlike the playground, it took John a little longer to warm up to Buddy, the dog. He loves large dogs, but is hesitant around smaller ones. It took some time, but John eventually pet him and even tried to pick him up.


The weather was great, so on our last day we went to the Little Red Schoolhouse. John ended up being in a terrible mood, so he spent most of the time in the stroller. It is a cute an educational place though for children who actually want to cooperate.



For dinner, we went to one of Steve’s favorite places, Fox’s Pizza. They even had a gluten-free option, so everyone had an awesome time.


For our return flight, we had a little more time at the airport. After making it through security, John got to test out the moving walkway and check out the airplanes. There was no snoozing on the return, but we were able to snag a row with an open seat in order to make everyone happier. Overall, it took us some time, but John has finally met all of his great-grandparents.


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