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Georgetown Cupcake

I actually ventured out of my small radius in Virginia this weekend (gasp!). My cousin has been staying with us for an internship, so I used her as an excuse to finally make it to Georgetown Cupcake. I’ve only lived in the area the entire time since it opened.


We drove in Saturday morning, and brought the little dude with us. My friend told me about the preorder, so I took advantage of that assuming the line would be long on a summer weekend. We got there a little after opening, and while there were people waiting inside, the line wasn’t even out the door. The prime advantage of preordering is skipping the line and walking straight to the register. Since it was so short, and there wasn’t a lot of room, we waited in line. I also wanted to snag the free secret cupcake of the day, and I wasn’t sure if I could do that by skipping ahead. The secret cupcake was Vanilla Sunshine, but as far as the family could tell it was pretty much just vanilla. But, it was free vanilla!


After getting our bag o’ cupcakes, we walked down to the waterfront. John enjoyed all of the airplanes taking off from Reagan, and we shared our gluten free peanut butter fudge cupcake.



We strolled a little more, and John got to woo the ladies at the Lush shop. But after that, this sweaty pregnant mama wanted to head back to AC.


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