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Totally Trucks

I took John to Totally Trucks sponsored by the Reston Association on Friday. It was much better than the last touch-a-truck event we went to, and I think it helped that it was held at the actual service facility. They had front-end loaders moving dirt in addition to the numerous vehicles you could climb inside. Obviously he was dressed appropriately in his truck shirt.



It was crazy hot with no shade, but the water spraying truck came by and helped cool everyone off. Or at least all the kids who wanted to stand at the front of the spray zone.


Steve and I had a crazy hot date Friday afternoon by going on our hospital tour. I’ve switched practices from John’s birth, for the main reason of switching hospitals and being closer to home. It may seem a little unnecessary for a second birth, but it helps me feel somewhat prepared.

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday and Sunday. We spent so much time outside between a family walk, eating on the deck, and playing (working for Steve) in the yard. On Sunday I helped throw and attended a bridal luncheon, but I’ll post more on that theme later! While I was gone, the dudes got lunch and went to Home Depot.


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