Relaxed Weekend

I started my Friday morning with a high-five from my doctor. That has never happened before, especially when stepping on a scale is involved. I don’t see how that can’t put you in a good mood for the day. My cousin’s summer internship ended, so we spent a girls (plus John) day with my mom after my appointment. We did a little shopping and lunch, and John did a little candle smelling.

world market

Our Saturday was spent at home working on our basement. We got a new sectional, so we spent the day cleaning and arranging. There are a few more decor things that could be done, but it was big progress considering we’ve lived in our house for seven years.

Our Sunday was covered in a lot of tears and snot, aka we had nursery duty at church. After we finished wrangling toddlers, we walked around the Reston Town Center a bit. John really enjoyed the music from the Zumba class that was happening in the pavilion, smelling the flowers, and seeing all the dogs.


It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-August, so I hope everyone has a good time soaking up the last part of summer!

Mom John fountain

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