Gilmore Girls Party

I recently helped my sister throw a bridal luncheon for her best friend, Mandy, who has been in my life for about the past 15 years. All three of us watched, quoted, and loved Gilmore Girls to one degree or another. I was excited for the chance to throw a Gilmore Girls luncheon, but this could work for a bridal shower, birthday party, girls night, or watch party.


I kept the decor relatively simple, but I made sure to put a “Where you lead, I will follow” sign at the entrance.


I added in yellow daisies courtesy of Max’s proposal, and added quotes around the room. As part of the centerpiece for each table, I added a stack of books because both Rory and our guest of honor love to read so much. I used vases, but if you have enough of them, coffee cups would be an appropriate addition to hold the flowers.



If there are three things the Gilmore Girls love, it’s coffee, talking fast, and food! The obvious choice for food would be the widest display of junk and take out you can imagine. Think pizza, burgers and fries (or the devil’s starchy fingers according to Mrs. Kim), ice cream, pop tarts, Chinese food, red vines, and more.


We had a little more of a challenge considering the guest of honor is preferably vegan, but at a minimum vegetarian. My sister was in charge of all of the food, and instead we named things after elements of the show. My cousin also added a nice Luke’s logo at the top of the menu. I did include some mallomars as a nod to Lorelai’s birthday message.


We started our luncheon before noon, so it was especially easy to include coffee on the menu. However given the show, I think coffee is a mandatory beverage of choice no matter what time the party. You could also do a recreation of the Founder’s Day Punch or a pink drink named after your guest of honor like at Rory’s 21st birthday party. Only hopefully yours tastes better.


If you’re having a watch party, you’ll obviously be set on entertainment. Even if you aren’t though, you could easily have episodes or music playing in the background. This site has a list of songs from every episode! There are also a ton of printables for extra decoration, a bingo game, or you could create your own trivia!

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