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Sweating like a Pig

Yes, I know that’s a cow, but work with me. John and I went to visit my sister for a few days this week, as a little change in pace from her normal drive to Northern Virginia. My niece recently turned six months, so I attempted some family pictures while John ran amuck and distracted an infant.

Zel 6 Mo

He loves holding, kissing, and hugging his cousin. But now, he’s starting to realize that it’s not all fun and games.


On Thursday we sweated like the barn animals we were visiting, and went to the county fair. John seemed to be most impressed with all the John Deere equipment for sale.

john deere

Apparently it wore him out enough though, because he took a three hour nap that afternoon. After the kids were awake and ready, we went to the pool in the late afternoon. Conveniently, John was able to con his aunt and uncle into lifting him to the basketball hoop for basically the whole time.

We tried taking a few more pictures Friday morning at the local arboretum before we left. Again it was pretty hot and there wasn’t much shade. It didn’t help that John wasn’t really having it, but he did get to chase some ducks. After lunch, we ended our trip with a perfectly timed nap and seeing Dad.


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