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Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm

FLAMS_farm store

On Saturday, we ventured into the country (aka the start of a commute for some people around here) and had brunch at Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm. In addition to the actual working farm, there is a B&B, an events barn, and the Farm Store that serves brunch.


We spent some time exploring while we waited for a table outside to open. John got up close and personal with some chickens, but Tom Turkey was not in the mood for visitors and started edging us out.


They specialize in farm to table dining and source locally for the items they don’t provide themselves. The food was delicious, so much so that I didn’t take a picture before I started eating. Apparently I’m not meant to be a food photographer. But, I was also excited that they offered gluten-free toast.


There is a sign near the entrance pointing you back out the driveway for fast food. It’s true, and you should come here when you want to have a leisurely weekend. They don’t yet have a commercial kitchen, so everything is made to order in their food truck. But John loved running around watching the cows, and we had some time to chat with the owner.



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