It’s back!

Happy Labor Day! But also, college football is back!! September 1st fully felt like Fall, with the temperature maxing out in the mid-60s. We took full advantage of the weather, and spent most of the morning outside.

red leaf

Saturday took a turn, with rain all day. But we kicked off the morning with College GameDay. If you can’t tell, we’re big into college football in this house. John’s sleeping has been a bit off recently, but that did mean that he was awake earlier than normal from his nap. We took advantage of the extra time, and visited two breweries with our friends, instead of the originally planned one brewery. I don’t drink beer, even in my non-pregnant state, but the other three agreed that the beer was better at Solace than Twinpanzee. It was good business for Solace, but it was absolutely crazy in there. They have a kid/family area, which was where we were corralled. While it is half of seating, we were all packed behind a half wall. We had our stuff perched on the window ledge for the first half of our visit before we finally got part of a table. However, it was so loud in there that we couldn’t carry much of a conversation even when we were at the table. Everyone’s ears would greatly benefit from some sound dampening panels.


We relaxed on Sunday, and of course watched the Hokies play. They played at FedEx field against WVU and won! I took my picture in a previous season at home, but its one of my favorites. I fell asleep within ten seconds of going to bed, but I did manage to stay up and watch the whole game. Pregnancy problems. Speaking of, those dudes had more leg cramps than all pregnant women combined.


I hope everyone has a great Labor Day and enjoys their time off!

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