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36 Week Bumpdate & Fall Sprinkle

36 week bumpI hit 36 weeks this past weekend, and have had a few Holy Ish moments since then. From the physical side, I don’t see how I’m going to make it another month and it seems so far away. But when I think about everything I want to accomplish before the baby arrives, a month seems like so little time. I don’t even need to do that much for the actual baby, so it’s more trying to do everything else before I know my life will get harder.

Overall, I’m just feeling very swollen and over it. I recently started seeing a chiropractor to help with some back pain and possibly help my chances of a VBAC. I have an ultrasound this Friday, but as of a month ago, the baby was already head down. I’m pretty sure that’s still the case as I haven’t felt a major flip. Changing positions and pants have become generally uncomfortable. During my first pregnancy I worked full-time. Thinking back, I’m not sure how I came up with and fit a variety of outfits. I weigh less than I did then, but that’s a joy of motherhood.

sprinkle hostesses

I had a chance to forget the to-do list and embrace the excitement this weekend, when my awesome friends threw me a sprinkle. I actually only heard of this a few years ago, but a sprinkle is a smaller, more casual baby shower. Though more than one person assumed I had peed myself when the waddling pregnant lady told them she was having a sprinkle. Since we are having the same gender, it was a great opportunity just to see friends, have brunch, and build a stash of diapers!

sprinkle table

It was a Fall theme because, why not?? We had some yummy brunch, painted pumpkins, and got some fabulous presents. I’m not the craftiest of people, but a few of us had the same idea.

painted pumpkins

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