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John Turns 2!

The little dude turns 2 today! I know everyone says it, but two years just flew by. You can read more about his birth story here.

Birth (October 2015):


John 1 week

Six Months (April 2016):

John 6 mo

One Year (October 2016):

John 12 mo

Eighteen Months (April 2017):


Two Years (October 2017):


He’s becoming a 2 year old for certain and developing his own little attitude. Most of the other pictures looked like this:




We haven’t had his checkup yet, but he recently weighed in at 31 pounds. His favorite things in life are basketball, cheese, being outside, Elmo & Sesame Street, and “helping” Dad with yard work. He’s an active little guy, who can be very affectionate when he wants to be. At his eighteen month appointment, I laughed on the inside when the doctor said he should know over 100 words by 2. However, he’s learning new words each month. While he doesn’t have perfect pronunciation, he can usually communicate what he wants and certainly understands even more. He also knows many of his letters, and we’re working on numbers under 5.

John cake

We celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago (shhh, don’t tell John) by having cake with family. My sister made him an Elmo cake, and now he’s also embracing the word cake. Happy Birthday John!!

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