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A_soccerI had every intention of banking up some blog posts to release while having a newborn, but I’m still pregnant and already slowing down. John has gotten sick more in the past two weeks than he has in the past year. He got his first stomach bug, but luckily it just seemed to be 24 hours. I had family in town afterwards for my cousin’s travel soccer team. Once he was feeling better, John got to woo all sorts of people and practice his kicking.

They’ll be close, but my boys officially won’t share the same birthday. John’s birthday was Friday, and we enjoyed a quick family lunch. My dad’s birthday was Sunday, so we celebrated Saturday with a nice lunch. We got outside a little on Sunday, but it didn’t last long. Despite the picture, John was not feeling well and it didn’t last long. Epic toddler meltdowns ensued.

red wagon

As of yesterday, I’m 39 weeks. While I’m not absolutely miserable, I’m also hoping I don’t go another two weeks. At my doctor appointment this past Thursday I was dilated a whole centimeter, so we’ll see how this goes.  Today is my last day of work. Given my part-time schedule though, I’m technically only taking one day off before my due date. Until I actually go into labor, the rest of the week will be spent with appointments, a stock-up trip to Costco, and mustering the energy to get John outside to enjoy the weather. Oh, and maybe some of that banking blog posts I mentioned.


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