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Goals for 2018

NYEWe’re a few days into 2018. Did you have any resolutions? Are they already out the window? I’m still in the mental blur of maternity leave, where I don’t quite remember what day it is even without the holidays. But I do know I need to take down my Christmas decorations and it’s cold as ish outside, so it must be January. I haven’t made resolutions in years, but usually have a few goals in mind. Calling it a goal somehow seems a little more casual and a little less cliché. No matter what you call it, I’m creating a list this year. Plus I’m putting it on the internet this year, so it’s automatically more serious.

I did some thinking, and my own personal theme for 2018 is Investment. I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of “New Year, New Me,”  but I want a better version of me. I want to take the areas of my life I already have and invest the time and energy to improve. I really want to focus on what’s important and use my time wisely. The three core areas I want to invest my time are Self, Wife, and Mother.


The past two months since having my second child have been a bit of a haze. I feel like I’ve been operating just a small step above survival mode. As things level out this year, I need more time to focus on a few things for myself.

  • Water & Vitamins: While I was pregnant, I was fantastic about taking multiple vitamins/supplements and drinking about 12 glasses of water a day. This has gone extremely downhill since giving birth. My current vitamins require specific timing, which means if I miss my first window then I usually forget. So for the new year, I’ll be using my phone alarm and fill up a water bottle for the fridge each night.
  • Lose Pregnancy Weight: This is your standard resolution, but losing the weight has been much harder the second time. I’m getting a FitBit this week, and also plan on doing exercises at home. I priced out some gym memberships, but I honestly don’t see myself getting there enough to make it worth it yet.
  • Blogging: I took a much longer hiatus from blogging than I planned in 2017. I’ve created what I hope is a more realistic schedule for the next few months. I hope to stick with it, because I enjoy creating something for myself.



This summer will mark our 10th wedding anniversary! We’ve had no major issues in our relationship, however there are always ways to improve. We spend time together, but moving forward I want to invest in quality time. I already talked with my husband about both of these, and the second is on the calendar.

  • Monthly Dates: We never really dated that much. When we met in college, we didn’t have cars or a lot of extra money. We mainly hung out with friends, watched movies, or went to football games. Even before kids, when we went out it was mainly an “I’m hungry, you’re hungry, may as well” type of reason or a special occasion. By nature, both of us are Redbox at home kind of people. In 2018, excluding any major incident, we’re having monthly dates. Not only that, but we are dividing responsibility. I’m the planner in the relationship, but we are alternating months and my husband chose to go first in January.
  • Device Free Nights: We are both guilty of having laptops, phones, and the TV going at the same time. This required a discussion for my tech-centered husband, and we came to a compromise. I explained that “device” to me meant laptops or phones. We could have the TV on if it was something we were intentionally watching together. So starting this week, we are having Device Free Night every other week. We are alternating with this one as well, so each person gets a chance each month to select the activity. Each day is already on our Google calendar for the whole year.


Becoming a mother of two has been a major adjustment. Much like the goals for myself, I would like to feel like I’m doing more than getting by. I want to use my time more wisely, and strengthen my relationship with each son.

  • Different Language: Early on, we used “no” far too often with our toddler and it is one of his favorite words. This year I would like to expand the phrases and terms I use in order to be more positive and provide him the opportunity to make choices.
  • Read books: I’m not exactly sure when I’m going to do this, but I have a few parenting books I would like to read. When I was pregnant the first time, I wish I would have spent less time reading about the size of the baby was each week, and more time reading about actually raising said chid. Because really, who cares that they’re the size of a squash?
  • Dedicated Time: I’ve already started working on this, and I’m hoping this helps in two ways. Not only do I want to build a relationship with each of my sons, but I’m also hoping it helps my toddler’s recent attitude. So far no luck, but I’m spending time with him without baby brother or my phone.


What will 2018 look like for you?

3 thoughts on “Goals for 2018

  1. Hello!
    First of all – happy New Year to you and your family! Wishing you all the best. 😀
    Secondly, wow, belated congratulations on having a second child! That’s amazing!
    You have such a nice bunch of reso- goals, I meant to say goals. 😀 (I, too, need to drink more water, as I am about as dry/dehydrated as a raisin) I particularly like the idea of monthly dates – not only is the romantic in me awing, but it genuinely seems like a fun (and highly beneficial) idea.
    Also, good luck with the little one’s attitude. 🙂
    Have a great day!


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