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Mom of 2: A Day in the Life

I’m in my last week of maternity leave, but even when I do go back to work it’s only two days. So for the most part, I’m a stay at home mom. I decided to write this post for a few reasons.

  1. Before I was a mom, I was guilty of wondering what they did all day. You can find a few things that I’ve learned since becoming a parent here (and that was just with one kid).
  2. I’m going back to work in a few days, so I wanted to keep a rough timeline of Ryan’s day for my mom anyway.
  3. Looking back, maybe this post will make me laugh…or cry. Not sure which. However in writing things down, it’s good to see how much Ryan’s routine has progressed from the hard first two months.

The rest of the week is somewhat booked, so Monday was going to be a cold day to stay home. While it is pretty detailed, I didn’t get down to nitty gritty of diaper changes and bathroom breaks. Though there were plenty of the former and minimal privacy in the latter. For anyone new here, John is my toddler who is a little over two and Ryan is just under three months. Ryan slept from bedtime Sunday until….

4:20 am- Ryan wakes up to eat. He was fussy for a little while afterwards, which is relatively rare now.
4:48 am- Use the bathroom and take my vitamin. It has timing restrictions and this is the best option I’ve found.
4:52 am- Back in bed and hoping I hear no more baby noises.
4:53 am- I hear Ryan on the monitor. (Go to sleep, baby!) Luckily he listened to my            thoughts and was just settling down.

6:00 am- Alarm goes off.
6:12 am- Fitbit “silent” alarm goes off for the first time. It happened again 10 minutes later, so not sure I know how to turn it off.
6:17 am- Hear baby on the monitor. Are you kidding me? Both boys typically wake up between 7 and 7:30
6:20 am- Ryan was just stirring, but I hear a low “mama” from down the hall. Get up, tuck John in, and explain that it’s still sleeping time and he needs to lay down.
6:25 am- Get in the shower and contemplate how much earlier I need to set my alarm.

6:40 am- All is quiet. Apparently Steve had to go in again with John and it worked.
6:58 am- Head downstairs to start the coffeemaker, set up my pump (side-eye to pumping), and fix John’s juice cup.
7:07 am- Lay in bed, send an email on my phone, and text my mom a question.

7:16 am- Hear Ryan start to wake up. I give him a few minutes and then change and feed him. (4 burps = winning)
7:43 am- Check on John and tell Steve I’m heading downstairs.
7:45 am- I put Ryan on his playmat as there is no body slamming toddler nearby, make coffee, and pump
7:55 am- Sit down with Ryan on the floor to talk to him and play. (Hey, at least I’m doing one of my goals to spend more time with each kid. Why is John still asleep? Kid better not be sick.)
8:12 am- Move Ryan to his rocker and vacuum the high traffic areas on our first floor.

8:30 am- Steve brings down John and we turn on an episode of Sesame Street.
8:40 am- I get Ryan ready for his nap and we snuggle on the couch for a few minutes.
8:50 am- I put Ryan in his bassinet, start making breakfast, and make a second cup of coffee.
9:05 am- Ask John to bring me his cup so we can refill with water for breakfast. This happens no less than 4 times.
9:10 am- While changing John’s diaper, he informs me of things like, he has two feet and he’s a guy and boy. (No idea where he learned that. Kind of impressed that he knows guy and boy are the same. Not impressed I might have to explain things earlier than I thought.)
9:20 am- Finally sit John down for breakfast.
9:25 am- Reheat second cup of coffee. Chop lettuce for lunch.
9:35 am- John plays with Steve and tells him bye. This also involves waving out of the opened front door when it is 12 degrees.

9:41 am- John and I go upstairs to brush teeth and change his clothes. This involves at least 3 passes of the room as John runs the hallway.
10:05 am- Ryan wakes up, I reheat my second cup of coffee (again), and sit down to feed him. John gets out his blocks to play on the floor.
10:25 am- Play on the floor with John which involves not actually being able to build anything with the blocks and being a human jungle gym.
10:50 am- I empty the dishwasher while going over letters with John using fridge magnets


11:20 am- Get Ryan ready for a nap and we all read books on the couch
11:35 am- Ryan falls asleep, I continue reading with John on the couch.
12:00 pm- Get lunch ready and eat
12:30 pm- Ryan wakes up and gets a diaper change
12:40 pm- Ryan eats and almost gets a needle to the eye while John is “doctor.” Ryan has a major spit up and gets an outfit change.


1:10 pm- Ask John to clean up his magnets before naptime. This involves loading them into a dump truck, and then dumping them all on the floor again. After three times they make it in the bag. Meanwhile, Ryan is having a screaming/burping fit that lasts about 10 minutes.
1:20 pm- Read to both boys upstairs and put John down for a nap.
1:30 pm- Fold clothes from two loads that are already washed.
1:45 pm- Get Ryan ready for a nap in his crib and rock him a few minutes.
2:00 pm- Tell John to lay his head down and finish folding the clothes.
2:10 pm- Head down to the basement to bring up more diapers and k-cups (all the essentials). Go to wash the pans and realize I forgot to get the new sponge I wanted from the basement. Hear John calling.
2:15 pm- John still hasn’t fallen asleep and is calling down the hallway. I tuck him back in and tell him its naptime.
2:30 pm- Still no nap. All blankets are now off the bed and socks are thrown over the gate.
2:45 pm- Ryan wakes up and I feed him while listening to John press the buttons on the humidifier.
3:00 pm- I officially call it quits on naptime. Instead we put away the folded clothes and have a dance party.


4:00 pm- Downstairs, I get John his snack and get Ryan ready for naptime
4:10 pm- Ryan is asleep, but we snuggle for a few minutes on the couch while John finishes his snack and plays.
4:30 pm- Ryan naps in the rocker, I turn on Sesame Street for John, and I finish washing the pots and pans
5:00 pm- John and I sit at the table for coloring and flash cards while Ryan starts to wake up.

5:15 pm- Ryan eats and I ask John to start cleaning up all the toys he has in the living room. He apparently hears play with all the toys in the living room.
5:30 pm- Start dinner and it’s good that I’m just making a salad. Repeat the request to clean up toys approximately every 7 minutes.
6:10 pm- Ryan has a major spit up and just gets changed into the sleep sack I have downstairs.
6:25 pm- John finally finishes with all this toys and we sit down for dinner.
6:40 pm- Steve comes home and joins dinner.
6:55 pm- Quick clean up of perishable items, Steve goes to the basement with John to play basketball, and I take Ryan upstairs to get ready for bed.
7:20 pm- Steve and John come upstairs to get ready for bed. After stories, tears, and multiple tuck-ins, both kids are finally asleep.

8:05 pm- Steve and I chat about the day while doing final kitchen clean up.
9:00 pm- Get on my laptop and start this post.
9:20 pm- Watch Top Chef together.
10:30 pm- We head to bed. Ryan starts to make some noise but apparently gets over it.

At 12:30 all four of us were awake again, but hey, that’s a different day.



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